Poem #1

The Old Man and
The Seafood Section

Aisle 1. The Old Man is on a seafood diet:
Whatever food he will see he will surely try it.

Aisle 5. In the Skin Care Section.
“Sometimes, you wake up in the mornings
and you feel like wrinkles are just not acceptable.”

Aisle 3. The Linguini Section,
“Mézem,” his Hungarian girlfriend says,
“you need a vife, to sue your socks!”
“Off?” he says.
“Yes,” she says, “I will sue your socks, off.”

Aisle 4. In the Cabbage Patch,
“Four’s company and everyone else in here
is a crowd! No, it’s more like a mob!”

Aisle 8. To the “Lunch Meats Lady”,
“Walking on the beach there was nothing but small
change, nowhere could I find even one
whole sand dollar!”

Aisle 3. Cards, Condolences & Periodicals,
“Look at all these superficial, spoiled Hollywood brats!
I don’t have issues alright, I’ve got subscriptions!”

Aisle 9. In the Beverage Section,
“I water my geraniums so I won’t drink alone.”

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